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BHF and Cotswold Outdoor join forces

Launched on the 10th June, the retailer Cotswold Outdoor and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) are jointly running the project “Donate 4 Life” to collect and re-sell or donate thousands of unwanted items of quality outdoor clothing.

For the duration of the 6-week campaign, functional, clean outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, rucksacks and footwear can be returned to any Cotswold retail shop. Each of the stores has been partnered with a local BHF shop, where the items will be sorted and re-sold.

The project will generate much needed income for the health charity, provide affordable outdoor gear and free up resources, which are lingering unused in wardrobes. At the same time, giving functional items a second life, avoids the many negative environmental and social impacts that occur during the production of new garments.

Donate 4 Life has been facilitated by Explore Red under the 100% Shared banner, the idea being that 100% of functional items donated can be re-used, either through the charity shops or by being donated to somebody who is in need.