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The story of RED

The idea of RED was born while paddling down the river Spey in November 2008. The Spey was the third of four rivers I had decided to paddle during the summer/autumn period of that year. I have spent most of my working life in the outdoor industry, primarily in product development and product training. Although I don’t have a science background, fibres, fabrics and componentry have always interested me.

Through my experiences on the hills, rivers and seas of the UK I have gained a real passion for our environment and a great interest in product sustainability. I believe every one of us has the ability make a valid contribution to the social and environmental issues that affect all our daily lives.

It was during my decent of the Spey that I wondered just how long I could paddle for before there was any detrimental effect to my gear in terms of its comfort and performance. My guess was that if I wanted to extend my trip after I entered Spey Bay I could carry on till I reached Norway and even then my kayaking gear would still provide me with the same comfort and performance it did when it was new. I still have gear in my house that is over twenty years old and still provides great comfort on the hill or trail. My current kayaking gear is five years old and again this provides great shelter from the rivers and seas I paddle on.

It was from these thoughts that I wanted to know just how long outdoor gear could last and indeed how many people could benefit from such gear if it was given by its first owner to a ‘new owner’ and then again ‘passed on’.