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Our research programme

The first goal of RED is to carry out an extensive research programme in collaboration with the University of Leeds to establish what comfort and performance is retained by outdoor clothing or equipment after it has been used and discarded by its original owner. The University of Leeds is the country’s leading test house for outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment. I am indebted to Dr Katie Beverley and Dr Mark Taylor for their incredible support, advice and knowledge in the evaluation and assessment of outdoor gear.

During the eighteen month trial period of RED there will be two types of testing and evaluation taking place. The first will be a group of twelve testers predominantly based in the UK that will wear their outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment as they normally would during their outdoor pursuits. These activities vary from ‘dog walking’, mountain walking, winter mountaineering, mountain biking, camping and kayaking. This UK test team will have their ‘RED gear’ tested and evaluated each quarter at the University of Leeds. The tests conducted will involve fabric breatheability, wear and water repellancy.

The second group of testers, ‘the journeys’ are a small body of people that will leave the U.K for a minimum of six months on separate journeys and expeditions. The locations visited by these individuals range from The Himalaya, Mongolia, U.S.A, Lebanon, Libya, Rumania and many more countries around the world. It will only be at the end of the eighteen month trial period that these folks apparel, footwear and equipment will be tested.