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RED brand partner comment


British Outdoor brand Páramo supports Explore RED, sharing the fundamental belief that gear should last and can be given a second life.

Just launched, the Páramo Recycling scheme allows customers to receive a substantial voucher if they return Páramo garments they no longer want.

Its UK workshop refurbishes, cleans, and reproofs the items. If a garment’s condition is good enough it will be auctioned in a new eBay shop Páramo Recycled, if not it is donated to a charity.

The little that cannot be re-used can be recycled back to high quality polyester, keeping it out of landfill and preserving natural resources.

To return a Páramo garment and receive a voucher:


Marmot UK have adopted an incredibly effective ‘re-use’ programme at their offices in the Lake District. Although returns are very few and far between, Steph Jones, Marmot’s Customer Service manager ensures wherever possible any apparel or equipment returns are given a ‘second life’ to social organisations both in the UK and overseas.

More than this, if items returned have lost their functional use, Steph will remove components from these pieces to be re-used on other items that make a non functional piece gear functional.

Steph Jones with Marmot apparel ready to be re-used

Steph Jones with donated apparel

Recipients of apparel in Morocco

Recipients of apparel in Morocco