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Stories of clothing, footwear and equipment that is over 10 years old, and still manages to retain it's functional use.

Patagonia Alpine Guide jacket, July 1988

Don Gladstone is the founder of RED and has a passion for social and environmental issues related to the outdoors. He started his working life as a field officer for the British Trust For Conservation Volunteers but has spent the last sixteen years working in the outdoor industry. He describes his skill and ability in the wider ranges and rivers as at the cutting edge of complete mediocrity!

I bought my Patagonia Alpine Guide jacket in Manchester’s Alpine Sports (sadly no longer with us) ready for my first Chamonix trip in 1988. Since this time it’s been used on three continents and many countries in the warmest and most miserable of conditions. Incredibly well made, the jacket although now a little worn in places, has been superb and has remained functional in use for the last twenty two years. As the image shows it’s still able to hold a DWR treatment on its fabric and although now relegated as a spare piece of kit for visiting pals, it remains very functional indeed.

Patagonia Alpine Guide jacket

Patagonia Alpine Guide jacket